From our Project C.A.N. XI volunteers

One of the houses we visited really opened my eyes--it was barren, save for a chair, coffee table, two antique shelves/cupboards, and a set of shirt and shorts hanging from a bamboo. I would have loved to stay and talk more to the uncle living there to learn how he lives his life, but he didn't speak and so we left after a few minutes. It was nice to hear stories from some of the residents, whether they had kids or not, or what they used to do when they were younger. Some were even active volunteers previously. It broke the stereotype I had that beneficiaries were usually frail elderly. It was overall a good experience and I'm glad this project is going to ensure that some people are not going to have to worry about getting their meals for a little while.
I took part in the distribution phase of project c.a.n. on 27 July 2014. It was a super meaningful and fulfilling day for me. We went to distribute the food, chat with the residents and did some housework for them. I really enjoyed the opportunity we had to interact with the residents. I would like to thank the organising committee for planning it in such a way that we had enough time at each household for meaningful interaction. The whole event was very well-organised too. The group leaders were clear about what to do and they conveyed the instructions to the volunteers very well. Thank you for this meaningful volunteer opportunity! :)
As a volunteer of the 2014 Project C.A.N. collect and distribute, I find that this event is very meaningful and enjoyable. During the event, it was heartening to see so many people donating their food items to this event. From the stories that the beneficiaries shared with us, I learnt to appreciate many things in life. I enjoyed myself alot and made many new friends! Hope to volunteer in such events again in future ((:
I think I'll always remember Project C.A.N. as a significant memory of my NUS life; this project has definitely exposed me to the different hidden communities in Singapore, and I am infinitely thankful for having been given the opportunity to help them in some way. From the different shoppers / donators to the beneficiaries themselves, every single person I've encountered has taught me something, and going through the different phases has really been an eye-opener.

Despite all the ups and downs, the good points and the bad, I feel that this project could not have been successful without the organizing team. I'm sure most people involved in Project C.A.N. would have witnessed the hard work and sincerity put in by the team members, and the effort put in truly touched me. There may have been unexpected hurdles to cross along the way, and handling nitty-gritty details was tough, but the smiles on everyone's faces were really inspiring and encouraging.

So thank you, to the organizing team, for always doing your best, for putting up with all sorts of trouble, and most importantly, for persevering and never giving up hope! :) Kudos to all of you, and I wish everyone all the happiness in the world :)
It's rly a meaningful activity. Many a time we think that we could not help the less fortunate in any way, but through this activity, I found that even if it's just our presence, us staying by their side listening to them, it could make their day a lil brighter. Really glad that I could make myself useful through this haha
Thank you Project C.A.N. for allowing me to participate in this wonderful event.

It was heartening and enriching as we go door to door to distribute necessities to beneficiaries. We have had many meaningful engagements with the various beneficiaries. Besides the delivery of grocery bags, we spoke to them regarding their daily life and talked about several eclectic topics. We have also helped to tidy up their units, especially those with walking difficulties.

Lastly, I feel that as we give to others, we are speaking a silent thank you to the receiver; it allows us to gain through the act of giving. It is through these events that we are able to nurture magnanimity, social conscience and become a better person.
It's really heartwarming to see the residents open up their hearts to donate so many goodies! Sacks of rice, and even plastic bags of canned food. One even went straight to the nearby mini mart, coming back with numerous bags of food to donate!

Many many thanks to my volunteers as well for working so hard to conquer the blocks, working with smiles, laughter and dedication to collect and sort all the donated items tirelessly!

Kudos to the OC members for such a smooth event too! :D
C.A.N. is a project that is one of the most fantastic event that I joined. The unique point of this project is it aims to collect food items and distribute them to the beneficiaries. It raises the awareness to the society that there is the less privileged who requires our help and volunteers will appreciate what they have at present. It is a fruitful event that inspires volunteers to join us again.
C.A.N. is a truly meaningful project where volunteers have a chance to interact with the beneficiaries. It is unique in that it is a project which collects from residents in a community and redistributes the items to needy within the same community. Some of the aunties will tell you all about their life stories, their children and some others will tell you about their bag leg or the light bulb they have difficulty changing. You become better aware of the less fortunate in our community and you begin to appreciate what you have more.

The collection process seems especially worth it when you are able to see the smiles on the beneficiaries' faces when they receive the food packs :)
C.A.N. will always remain as one of the fondest memories in my life. May it be the same for you guys this year! Strive to make a difference to the beneficiaries' lives!

Jiayou C.A.N. XI!
Most of the time I've only helped to collect newspapers, canned food, etc. It's the first time that I actually go door-to-door to give out canned food to the needy. It's quite an experience, interacting with less than fortunate people: the old lady who works as a cleaner at NUS hostel, the Malay lady who owns 3 cats (or more), the old man who lost his right leg. Everyone has a story to tell. It makes me think that we all have our own problems in life.

I would also recommend people to join C.A.N. Distribute and enjoy the interaction with the beneficiaries. I believe we can all learn a little bit more about others and about ourselves. :)