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About Project C.A.N.

Project C.A.N. stands for Project Collection in Aid of the Needy, and is one of the seven Special Projects under NUS Students’ Community Service Club (NUS CSC). It is an annual project started in year 2004. The aim of the project is to provide relief to the needy in the form of food rations, daily necessities and basic services. At the same time, we hope to raise awareness of the less fortunate in the community among the general public and the NUS population. Through this, we hope to encourage community spirit and giving back to the community.

Project C.A.N. XV

2018 is the 15th year of Project C.A.N..

Our theme this year is "Community Integration" as on top of collecting aid, we seek to encourage the spirit of giving and volunteerism to food donors and volunteers towards the underprivileged.



Updated as of 25 March 2018